Nickels and Dimes #10

piggy-bankThe holidays are here! While I’m sure that announcement doesn’t take you by surprise, it’s not too late to consider your personal entertaining and the cost associated with being the host of the season. If you have friends and relatives like mine, costs can quickly get out of hand!

The first thing to consider is the traditional pot luck. Most people will ask if there is anything they can bring so, with some planning and fore thought you can have a ready answer. If your friend has a dish they are particularly proud of the answer is obvious and flattering to them as well. If not, a simple green salad or rolls from Costco or chips and dips or a meat and cheese or vegetable tray are all good suggestions that are easily put together.

Another large expense that can be mitigated by a little help from your friends is the drink selection. Wine drinkers love to provide a bottle of their favorite and beer drinkers are becoming as vocal and passionate about their beverage of choice as any wine snob! Part of having a party is having fun things to do and try and a good cross selection of beverages will encourage discussion and frivolity.

Most people now carry cell phones. So, don’t waste time effort and money on paper invitations when a quick phone call will get you the information you need. Are they available and can you count on them to bring something answers your immediate question and allows you to plan ahead and buy in bulk if possible.

Finally, make your own decorations, look on one of the DYI sights and attempt to duplicate what you see. The results are always good for a comment or two and you can be satisfied with the extra jingle in your pocket. This is the best time of year, have fun and guard your wallet so your not still paying for it next year!

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