Nickels and Dimes #11

nickels-and-dimesLife has a way of ignoring our plans and handing us a setback now and again. That happened to me and is why this column is considerably shorter this month. I was recently diagnosed with a return of the kidney cancer I thought I had beaten two years ago. The cancer was discovered in my pancreas and subsequently it and my spleen had to be removed. I’m recovering from that surgery currently.

Thank-you to all the people that have responded to our situation with amazing kindness and generosity, you have defined what it means to be a friend. You, along with our family and our church family continue to support us and are our life foundation, my humble thank-you pales in comparison to the value extended to my family and me.

This column will return next month and for the foreseeable future. I’m looking forward reengaging with you on thoughts and ideas for the future!

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